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Cinelli Test Rides 2023

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Vieni a testare la gamma Cinelli Gravel 2023, in una delle ride organizzate presso i dealer autorizzati Cinelli.

Trova la ride più vicina a te e prenota subito la Cinelli che vuoi provare, tra Nemo Gravel, King Zydeco ed Electric Mud.

Come funzionano le test ride?
Prenota la bicicletta che vuoi testare scrivendo una mail al tuo negozio di
riferimento e attendi conferma della disponibilità.
Il giorno della gravel ride, alle 9.00 porta i tuoi pedali e il tuo casco, al resto
pensiamo noi.
9.30 partenza della ride.
Rientro per le 12.30.
Andatura social, 40/50 km circa.
Birretta, due chiacchiere, consegna della patch di partecipazione e tutti a casa!



Sabato 1 aprile


email prenotazione test bike: info@rossignoli.it

Domenica 2 aprile

email prenotazione test bike: info@freewheelsbike.it

Tel. 339 7626264

Sabato 15 aprile


email prenotazione test bike: ciclostile.parma@gmail.com

Tel 340 3831566

Domenica 16 aprile


email prenotazione test bike: gravelmania2020@gmail.com

Tel. 0383 367619

Sabato 22 aprile

BASECAMP 523, Ca’ Virginia, Borgo Massano (PU)
email prenotazione test bike: info@basecamp523.com

Tel 371 4493100

Sabato 29 aprile

3 MILLS, Muenchen (DE)

email prenotazione test bike: info@3mills.cc

Sabato 20 e Domenica 21 maggio

Le test ride Cinelli con Centogiri si svolgono nell’ambito del gravel lovers festival,
Gravel4Fun. Per partecipare alla ride di domenica, Gravel4Grave di 50km, è
necessario essere iscritti alla manifestazione, puoi farlo qui.

Sabato 20 maggio:
9:30 – 14:00 Gourmet ride 40 km
Domenica 21 maggio:
8:45 ritrovo presso lo stand Centogiri-CINELLI (partenza ride fino alle 9:30) –
email prenotazione test bike: info@centogiri.com

Tel. 0421 566553


Discover the 2023 Cinelli Gravel Line!


How We First Met #6: Emma and Cinelli MASH Work

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Raised in Milan, Emma Missale, 25 years old, is the current WTF (Women – TransFemale) world messenger champion.

Emma became passionate about cycling in high school, using bikes as her only means of transport for moving across the city, watching videos of messenger riding on youtube.
Upon graduating from high school she took her CV to UBM, Milan’s leading messenger company, the same day she applied for university.
The next four years of her life were spent combining messenger work with studies in urbanism, where, in her own words, her experiences as a messenger gave her a kind of “inside knowledge”.



“The first time I became aware of Cinelli – Emma continues – was in high school, watching youtube videos and pictures on Instagram, but the first time I could examine a Cinelli in real life was when I started working at UBM and racing alleycats in Milan.

Cinelli was a must in the Milanese urban cycling scene at the time and there were some really iconic frames connected to that period like the black on black Vigorelli from 2013 or the black and red Gazzetta.

The first Cinelli I owned was the Cinelli MASH Work – today offered by Cinelli under the TUTTO name – that UBM gave me. At the time Cinelli sponsored UBM with bikes and they’d received 9 Work frames in a mix of sizes. For once in my life being small was to my advantage and even though I’d been working there for a very short amount of time they gave me a left over extra small.

I’ve used it on bikepacking trips, alleycats, work, everything, and it still remains the bike that I like the most, together with my Omnium cargo.  It is also the bike I won the Worlds in NYC on this year as well as in Jakarta in 2019.

What I like about the bike is mainly its clearances: the fact that I can put wider tyres on it and still ride fixed allows me to participate in different kinds of events, especially cyclo- tracklocross races and meet new people. The XS fits me perfectly and with the tight geometries I can use a longer stem and have a decent seatpost height. The cantilever/v-brake mounts are also super useful when you need brakes or a front-rack.

My other Cinelli is a 2022 Vigorosa which has a completely different feeling. It was my first full aluminium bike and I was surprised how hard I could push it on corners… it’s extremely fun and I’m looking forward to using it for some important races like this year’s Respvblica on the 15th of April!”


Currently Emma is continuing her career as a messenger in Copenhagen for By-Expressen. Being a bike messenger remains for Emma the best way to continue to hone her insights as an urbanist:

“One of the fundamental lessons of urbanism is to observe a space and its dynamics. There are different ways to do so, but riding a bike gives the opportunity to experience cycling (and non-) infrastructure from an interactive perspective.
Being a courier allows you to observe critical points and potentials on a daily bases, on a diffuse spectrum. I’ve always thought that messengers should play an active role in the design of new cycling routes, implementing accessibility through sharing knowledge and I’m happy that different projects in this direction are taking place in Milan right now.

Another great resource I found fundamental during the years was participating to the different messenger championships, taking it as an opportunity to study cities and noting best practices around the world.
Working in Copenhagen at By-Expressen for the past two years has been a huge step on this path…”

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eBay Find of the Month #2: Early 2000s “Rasta” Original Cork Ribbon Bar Tape

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This month, in our feature dedicated to rare, unusual, neglected or just plain beautiful pieces of Cinelli history that we have found for sale on the internet over the last month we have chosen to highlight an early 2000s Original Cork Ribbon Bar Tape in “Rasta” colours, originally issued as part of a “countries of the world” pack series including the legendary stars and stripes screenprinted tape…




Why did we chose this bar tape for our eBay Find of the Month?

Because we’ve always loved the colour and were sad when it went out of production (it looks amazing on glossy black bikes with minimal graphics), because we miss the days when everybody wanted to put the craziest possible bar tape on their bikes (see our Zebra tape, still in production, or the 7-colour splash tapes made famous by Chiapucci and others) and because the perfectly intact packaging is itself something of a work of art! 




This little piece of Cinelli and Italian bike history is available to purchase on ebay from the account of local North Italian collector Gabriele Tocchio who, in his own words, explains, simply “I only sell what I like”.

Whilst those interested in Cinelli’s latest Made in Italy bartape can discover more and purchase the tape inspired by the material innovation of competitive windsurfing HERE.


True Story: The Origins of the Cinelli Art Program Part 2

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We continue to look at the evolution of Cinelli’s Art Program, from its first interactions with artists in 1980s Milan to its airbrushed pro-edition RAM handlebars to the heady mix of subculture, design and d.i.y. art that characterized the fixed gear movement to its iconic best-selling cycling caps.


As discussed in Part 1 of our look at the Art Program, whilst Cinelli’s collaborative relationship with artists goes back more than 40 years to its work with Italo Lupi, Alessandro Mendini and Keith Haring.

It was only in the early 2010s that these relationships crystalized into an informal “program” offering regular drops of products made in collaboration with artists and only in 2015 that the program would officially be baptized with a logo.



Starting in 2008 with the birth of its relationship with San Francisco rider collective MASH SF as well as the ground-breaking Cinelli X RVCA Pressure exhibition involving artists such as KAWS, Barry McGee, Phil Frost, C.R. Stcyk III, Cinelli rode a wave of cultural excitement around cycling that mixed subcultural attitude with Italian design and underground D.I.Y. art scenes.



This cultural moment brought Cinelli into contact with a new generation of international artists and provocateurs whose creativity it felt bound to share.



2011 saw the launch of the “Art Tapes” range with a Mike Giant Velvet Ribbon and MASH SF printed volée tape and Barry McGee Unicanitor bar saddle.
2013 the almost-mythical Cinelli Candela, a set of two Made in Italy carbon fiber track frames handpainted by Futura, 2014 the first cycling cap with an artist (what took us so long?), Ana Benaroya’s Eye of the Storm whilst finally 2015 saw the moniker “Cinelli Art Program” enter into its catalogues with official logo and caps designed by artist-riders Chas Christiansen, Alfred Bobe Jr and Lucas Brunelle.

Since then Cinelli has collaborated with over 20 artists on bikes, tapes, jerseys, one-off jackets but above all caps.

It is in fact the Cinelli Art Program cycling cap which has become a global symbol of an evolved, alternative and open-minded attitude towards performance cycling.

Stay tuned for the first Art Program launches of 2023 in the coming months by subscribing to our newsletter.


Discover more about the Cinelli Art Program products on our webstore.

eBay Find of the Month #1: Cinelli Supercorsa Leggerissimo 1970s

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To celebrate the launch of a new monthly feature dedicated to rare, unusual, neglected or just plain beautiful pieces of Cinelli history that we have found for sale on the internet over the last month we decided to shine a light on a true vintage classic Cinelli Leggerissimo from the early 1970s that a lot of connoisseurs out there probably already have on their watch list. 



The “Leggerissimo” is not just any old “special” Cinelli Supercorsa, it is an extremely sought after variation of our icon.

Produced by Cino’s factory between 1972 and 1976 for the German distributor, Brügelmann.

The Leggerissimo, as the name suggests, was an ultralight model with three very particular distinguishing features:

  1. the 7 cut-outs in its Georg Fischer investment cast bottom bracket 
  2. a Campagnolo Super Record bottom bracket with titanium spindle
  3. a striking, exclusive and never-repeated yellow and red paint scheme

The frame that we found for sale on eBay at a fairly reasonable (and surely negotiable!) $2499 retains only one of these original features – the cut-out bottom bracket – so the big question that remains for an eventual buyer is: what kind of restoration project should you follow?




On one hand the most obvious choice is a meticulous returning of the frame to its original glory with Brügelmann paint, titanium Super Record bottom bracket and other period correct features.

A second, to us more interesting and contemporary approach, might be to let the history and “patina” of the frame in its current state talk.

Discover the history of the bike: who first owned it? Who was it subsequently sold to? How did it end up in Serbia? Who repainted in its current (probably 1980s) paint scheme and why?
Perhaps the answers to these questions could inspire a more unusual, hybrid rebuild with layers of history…


If you are curious, you can find the Cinelli Supercorsa Leggerissimo for sale at this link.

Otherwise click here to see a beautiful meticolous restoration from our friends speedbicycles.

How We First Met #5: Kondo and Cinelli Pressure & XCR

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Yuji Kondo is a 36-year old Japanese cyclist living in the Kanagawa prefecture, outside of Tokyo.
An impeccably stylish and strongly-opinionated cyclist he has developed something of a cult following online thanks to the extravagant modeling of his collection of bikes and clothes.
We caught up with him for a chat about his thoughts on performance cycling, fashion, design and of course his two very special Cinellis, a stainless steel XCR and aerodynamic 2022 Pressure.



Ciao Kondo!

Hi Lodovico!

So my first question is really about your uniquely creative approach to cycling style. Could you explain to me a little bit your “style philosophy”?

I have a passion for combining road biking with art and fashion. I don’t need a road bike to be only fast. My feeling is that in both road bikes and fashion it is good to seek rationality and the latest trends in simple design. Designs that pursue aerodynamics and lightweight to the extreme, or frames and jerseys with near-monochromatic color schemes, as has been the trend in recent years, are good. But I find it boring that “everyone is the same”. If you want to have fun, don’t you want to be more assertive? So as a cyclist I try to find and use more artistic products in order to express my sensibility differently from others. This also leads to more opportunities to socialize with different people. I try to be playful, even with socks or gloves. This way you might even get a “Hey, that’s so stylish! when you stop on a ride for a break. Following this philosophy Cinelli has become one of these tools for me to express my sensibility.

How did you first come across Cinelli and how did you understand that it could be, like you said, a tool for expressing your sensibility? 

 My first encounter with Cinelli was when I came across images of a 1980s Cinelli Laser track bike in a Japanese road bike magazine. Apart from the bike I also immediately was drawn to the logo, which I later discovered was designed by Italo Lupi. I was impressed by the overwhelming beauty and coolness of Cinelli’s design, and was captivated by the brand.

As I got to know the brand better I discovered that the appeal of Cinelli for me lay in its stylish design and hidden performance. Unlike with other companies, thanks to Cinelli’s tasteful design pioneered by Antonio Colombo and elements such as the Italo Lupi logo with its very unusual colours, and I feel that the concept of a road bike as a competition tool is removed in a good sense, and the bike can be enjoyed as a work of art.

In fact, I have a perception that in Japan Cinelli is considered a fashionable brand, and yet it has the performance to be used in competitions… It is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing!



How did the XCR end up becoming your first ever Cinelli bike?

Up until I bought the XCR I had been riding so-called “high-end” carbon frames but I was curious to try other materials. The materials I considered were titanium and steel. Since above all I wanted to buy a Cinelli, steel had to be the material. And since I had already decided that the Supercorsa will be the last bike I buy in my life the XCR remained the most interesting option. I was intrigued by the fact that the bike was made from stainless steel, an unusual material for a road bike. And for this reason I bought it. 

I find the XCR to be a great frame that combines the suppleness and tenacity of chromoly with the responsiveness of high-end carbon. Surprisingly it tames uncomfortable road noise, and pedaling with the suppleness gives good acceleration. It is the most comfortable frame I have ever owned, and the weight is light for a steel frame, and it is very comfortable to ride. Not only for long rides, but also for hill climbs, as it is a frame that puts less strain on the legs in a good way, so it is more comfortable than the stiff high-end carbon frames.


And soon after buying the XCR you also bought a Pressure!

Yes! The Pressure is truly for racing. On the flat, I can ride very fast with an aero position. It’s so much fun to realize that the latest aerodynamic performance is so much better than traditional bikes, and I can face the headwind without getting tired. The Pressure handles more like a TT bike due to its geometry and although it does feel a little heavier, can hill climb. I don’t have any problem with this weight considering the advantages on flat terrain. 

Pressure and XCR are clearly aimed at different fields. I ride Pressure when training or ride a certain distance in a short time. XCR is for long distance or leisurely rides. For example, when I go for a gourmet ride with friends.



Last question, I know that your team is called Goloso i.e. good appetite in Italian. Obviously food is very important for you, so could you share with us a recommendation for a great place to stop to eat when riding outside of Tokyo? Or a classic local snack to have on a break? 

There are several places to eat that I would recommend when riding in Tokyo.

First, there is the tempura bowl at Yamatoya, located on the approach to Shibamata Teishakuten, a famous temple in Tokyo. It is a traditional dish of tempura topped with rice and sweet soy sauce.

This store is also famous for its sweets called Kusa-dango. The combination of mochi and anko (red bean paste) is sure to soothe your tired body and give you energy! The temple Shibamata Teishakuten is a very nice and Japanese sightseeing spot, although road bikes are not allowed. Please visit here as well.

My next recommendation is Zebra Coffee, located along the Ridge Highway. Here you can enjoy croissants and coffee, etc. in a stylish space. It is also nice that bike racks are located here since many cyclists use it. It’s close to the city center, so you can eat here before heading to your destination, or stop by for a post-ride rest.

My last tip is Enomoto Dairyfarm, located along the Arakawa Cycling Road, the most famous cycling road in Tokyo. This is a famous spot that is not unknown to Tokyo cyclists. You can enjoy fresh and delicious dairy products such as gelato, milk, yogurt, etc. that only a dairy farm can offer. And since winter is coming to Japan, you can warm your body and soul with a glass of hot milk!

There are many other delicious and highly recommended places to eat, but I can’t introduce them all…


Discover more about the Pressure and the XCR on our website.

True Story: The Origins of the Cinelli Art Program Part 1

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The origins of Cinelli’s unique relationship with art are scattered across the late 1970s and early 1980s.

They can be found in their graphic designer of choice, Italo Lupi who would go on to design Miu Miu and Fiorucci logos as well as Miuccia Prada’s private residence, in its commissions from stalwarts of the 1980s Milan design scene such as Alessandro Mendini or the Alchimia group, or in the exchange of letters and ideas between Keith Haring and Antonio Colombo that led to the now iconic Laser collaboration



But the origins of the Cinelli Art Program – the program within which the brand’s relationship with art has been formalized into products, most famously our signature cycling caps adorned with custom commissioned graphics for artists such as Futura2000, Ana Benaroya, Barry McGee, Mike Giant and Yoon Hyup – can be located in a single, unusual, moment: the Cinelli RAM AUTOGRAPH.

The Cinelli RAM, launched in 2001, was the world’s first ever integrated carbon fiber handlebar and stem.

A pioneering project at a time when carbon fiber technology was still nascent in the cycling industry, the bars were an immediate success in the professional peloton, with their stiffness and responsiveness literally changing the way a generation of professionals would ride their bike, as Gilberto Simoni so articulately put it in his interview in the Cinelli: the Art and Design of the Bicycle.



The success of the bar from a technological point of view immediately led to Cinelli’s favourite pastime: “play”.

Over the next 5 years a series of ever more exuberant and unusual hand-painted (or even randomly hand placed carbon strips…) graphic schemes were released, dedicated to different professional riders.

These were sold under the name of RAM AUTOGRAPH.

In 2010, Antonio Colombo’s friendship with the artist Mike Giant led to the brand commissioning Giant to produce a new RAM AUTOGRAPH graphic.

Thanks to the creative team’s closeness to the burgeoning fixed gear scene and urban culture in general they proposed to Colombo adapt Giant’s graphics to a series of more affordable and immediate products such as bar tape and cycling caps that could be purchased and used by urban track bike riders.

And it was these new Mike Giant illustrated products which inaugurated the first ever edition of the Cinelli Artist Program.
Over the last twelve years the brand has gone on to collaborate with over 25 different artists.

The opinionated, outspoken and spontaneous creative freedom of these artists, combined with Cinelli’s historical closeness to Il Grande Ciclismo has transformed the Cinelli cycling cap into the definitive icon of a new cycling attitude…


Discover more about the Cinelli Art Program products on our webstore.

How We First Met #4: Bibi Enriquez and Cinelli Vigorelli “Shark”

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Bibiana Enriquez  is a fixture of the Oakland fixed gear scene.
From a background in competitive running she has slowly morphed into alley cat and crit racer as well as face of new, more diverse, wave of San Francisco riders. Here she tells us the story of how she got into track bike riding and her beloved 2020 Cinelli Vigorelli Shark.


I’ve been riding bikes and doing sport since forever. All my childhood I was a competitive runner from age 6 onwards.

I competed at the Junior Olympics in 2018 and won the silver medal for Mexico in the 5k. I was Norcal champ in my sophomore year and had a full scholarship at USF. In 2020 I tore my harmstring 90% and had to more or less give up running competitively.

The only thing they told me I could for my rehab was bike riding. I’d be limping around when I was walking but on the bike I felt no pain…



I started riding fixed seven years ago.

One weekend I was in downtown Oakland, at Lake Merritt, I was there with my regular bike that I used for riding everywhere… and I saw this guy riding backwards and I asked how is that even possible and somebody told me it was a fixed gear.

I looked around and saw tons of groups of people riding the same kinds of bikes… so that day I decided I wanted to buy a fixed gear too.
I didn’t know what kind of bike I wanted exactly, I just bought an old steel bike and put a fixed hub on the back.

Some people say I was the first Oakland girl to ride fixed


“In 2020 Shaun called me and said to me a Cinelli Shark is coming in today come check it out.
I went down and the very same day I cashed out.”


Because of my new interest I discovered the shop King Kog and started going there all the time. Each week they’d have some new frames in and I’d go check them out and Shaun, who is my main guy at the shop, would explain them to me.

One time there was a bike I thought was so beautiful I asked what’s that? They said “Oh that’s a Cinelli”. It was beautiful but so expensive and I would have been afraid of breaking or scratching it.

In 2020 Shaun called me and said to me a Cinelli Shark is coming in today come check it out. I went down and the very same day I cashed out.

Because of the sparkles in the paint, the shape of the tubes, everything. I had to have it! I built it up as my race frame for alleycats and the Mission crit but whenever I ride it around town people stop me and comment it especially at time when the paint sparkles… I also always flip the bike to show people the “shark fin”

These days I prefer competing on the bike to running… I ride everywhere commuting to build my condition which means training is much easier to fit in around work unlike when I was running which was almost like a full-time job… The bike community here in Oakland is great and mixed and for me riding fixed and the visibility it has given me is kind of a social platform.

There is not a lot of women, especially women of colour, riding round here and I love inspiring people to keep riding more or start riding.


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2022 Xmas limited edition print: Thelma’s Bidon

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In the 1980s Cinelli was considered Italy’s leading mountain bike brand thanks in part to its extraordinary successful launch of the Rampichino, Europe’s first ever mountain bike (still today in the Italian dictionary the word Rampichino is associated with the mountain bike). 

Cinelli’s approach to mountain biking was outstandingly irreverent and creative. Enormous energies were devoted to creating rich, complex, witty and ironic paint schemes some of which would go on to become icons of the brand’s visual history.


During a recent trip to the archive we came across a box of hand-drawn illustrations of mountain bike graphics from the 1980s.

Mixed in with these illustrations was a series of apparel graphic proposals which we recognized as the genesis of one of the iconic jerseys in the brand’s history, what is now referred to as the “Thelma and Louise jersey” thanks to its appearance in the cult 90s film, worn during the unforgettable desert cameo of the bike riding Rastafarian.

The drawings, made by the internal Cinelli design team under the creative direction of Antonio Colombo, reflect the joyous visual experimentation of the era as well as the pure tactile delight of an era where most graphics and visual concepts were born from loose hand-sketching.




We immediately fell in love with one particular drawing of a water bottle graphic and chose to adapt it for this year’s limited edition Xmas artwork, printed in Italy to fine art archive standards in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Visit our shop to discover and see if there is still one available!

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How We First Met #3: Eric Scaggiante and Cinelli Vigorelli “Vigorosa”

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Eric Scaggiante is a Milan-based fashion and street photographer as well as proud owner of the Vigorelli Vigorosa (his first track bike) and the world’s youngest ever finisher of the legendary unsupported endurance Silk Road Mountain Race.

We sat down with him in Milan and asked him about how him and Vigorosa met and what cycling has meant to him culturally over the last ten years.


If I’m a photographer today it’s thanks to my passion for cycling, which was the first important passion of my life.

I grew up in Spinea, a small town near Venice, and always loved cycling. As a kid for me it was a first taste of independence, and of speed.

But my real passion started in around 2013 when I first discovered the world of alley cat races and fixed gear bikes which at that moment, in Italy at least, were in full boom. I was initiated into this world by the ragazzi of TrueHardcoreCycle (THC).

After discovering this world I immediately started looking to buy a track bike for myself. One day on Subito [an Italian second-hand listings website – ED] I came across a listing for a Cinelli Vigorelli Vigorosa for sale in Treviso, fully-built up, for only €560! A real deal! I was so excited I immediately counted up all my savings from little jobs I’d done and sold anything I owned that had value and managed to scrape together the money to buy it.



I can still remember how much fun I had on that bike… I rode it everywhere, so much so that my first – and probably only – nickname was “Vigo”.”



Among the most important races I rode with my Vigorelli I remember in particular my first Respvblica, Italy’s greatest fixed gear hill-bombing race, organized around Genova by SCVDO.

Through this scene and its races I subsequently met another a cyclist called Cesare Pedrini, from Bologna, who at the time was preparing to ride the Transcontinental Race on a fixed-gear. Through him I discovered another new cycling world: unsupported ultra-cycling.

To cut a very long story short I too became interested in ultra-cycling and in 2019 shortly after graduating from high school I flew to Kyrgyzstan where I celebrated my 19th birthday alone in a hotel room and two days later set off to ride the Silk Road Mountain Race. The race was my personal chimera, the single most beautiful, challenging, intense experience of my life. I completed the race becoming the youngest ever finisher and, upon my return to Italy, started my first job, at 3T in Bergamo.

With my first paycheck I bought a camera and from there discovered a new passion. Soon after I quit and began my career as a photographer… But the genesis of everything was the purchase of my Vigorelli Vigorosa for €560 in 2014!

Discover more about the upcoming release of the newly redesigned version of the legendary original “Vigorosa” paint scheme.

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