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Cinelli Test Rides 2023

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Vieni a testare la gamma Cinelli Gravel 2023, in una delle ride organizzate presso i dealer autorizzati Cinelli.

Trova la ride più vicina a te e prenota subito la Cinelli che vuoi provare, tra Nemo Gravel, King Zydeco ed Electric Mud.

Come funzionano le test ride?
Prenota la bicicletta che vuoi testare scrivendo una mail al tuo negozio di
riferimento e attendi conferma della disponibilità.
Il giorno della gravel ride, alle 9.00 porta i tuoi pedali e il tuo casco, al resto
pensiamo noi.
9.30 partenza della ride.
Rientro per le 12.30.
Andatura social, 40/50 km circa.
Birretta, due chiacchiere, consegna della patch di partecipazione e tutti a casa!



Sabato 1 aprile


email prenotazione test bike: info@rossignoli.it

Domenica 2 aprile

email prenotazione test bike: info@freewheelsbike.it

Tel. 339 7626264

Sabato 15 aprile


email prenotazione test bike: ciclostile.parma@gmail.com

Tel 340 3831566

Domenica 16 aprile


email prenotazione test bike: gravelmania2020@gmail.com

Tel. 0383 367619

Sabato 22 aprile

BASECAMP 523, Ca’ Virginia, Borgo Massano (PU)
email prenotazione test bike: info@basecamp523.com

Tel 371 4493100

Sabato 29 aprile

3 MILLS, Muenchen (DE)

email prenotazione test bike: info@3mills.cc

Sabato 20 e Domenica 21 maggio

Le test ride Cinelli con Centogiri si svolgono nell’ambito del gravel lovers festival,
Gravel4Fun. Per partecipare alla ride di domenica, Gravel4Grave di 50km, è
necessario essere iscritti alla manifestazione, puoi farlo qui.

Sabato 20 maggio:
9:30 – 14:00 Gourmet ride 40 km
Domenica 21 maggio:
8:45 ritrovo presso lo stand Centogiri-CINELLI (partenza ride fino alle 9:30) –
email prenotazione test bike: info@centogiri.com

Tel. 0421 566553


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How We First Met #6: Emma and Cinelli MASH Work

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Raised in Milan, Emma Missale, 25 years old, is the current WTF (Women – TransFemale) world messenger champion.

Emma became passionate about cycling in high school, using bikes as her only means of transport for moving across the city, watching videos of messenger riding on youtube.
Upon graduating from high school she took her CV to UBM, Milan’s leading messenger company, the same day she applied for university.
The next four years of her life were spent combining messenger work with studies in urbanism, where, in her own words, her experiences as a messenger gave her a kind of “inside knowledge”.



“The first time I became aware of Cinelli – Emma continues – was in high school, watching youtube videos and pictures on Instagram, but the first time I could examine a Cinelli in real life was when I started working at UBM and racing alleycats in Milan.

Cinelli was a must in the Milanese urban cycling scene at the time and there were some really iconic frames connected to that period like the black on black Vigorelli from 2013 or the black and red Gazzetta.

The first Cinelli I owned was the Cinelli MASH Work – today offered by Cinelli under the TUTTO name – that UBM gave me. At the time Cinelli sponsored UBM with bikes and they’d received 9 Work frames in a mix of sizes. For once in my life being small was to my advantage and even though I’d been working there for a very short amount of time they gave me a left over extra small.

I’ve used it on bikepacking trips, alleycats, work, everything, and it still remains the bike that I like the most, together with my Omnium cargo.  It is also the bike I won the Worlds in NYC on this year as well as in Jakarta in 2019.

What I like about the bike is mainly its clearances: the fact that I can put wider tyres on it and still ride fixed allows me to participate in different kinds of events, especially cyclo- tracklocross races and meet new people. The XS fits me perfectly and with the tight geometries I can use a longer stem and have a decent seatpost height. The cantilever/v-brake mounts are also super useful when you need brakes or a front-rack.

My other Cinelli is a 2022 Vigorosa which has a completely different feeling. It was my first full aluminium bike and I was surprised how hard I could push it on corners… it’s extremely fun and I’m looking forward to using it for some important races like this year’s Respvblica on the 15th of April!”


Currently Emma is continuing her career as a messenger in Copenhagen for By-Expressen. Being a bike messenger remains for Emma the best way to continue to hone her insights as an urbanist:

“One of the fundamental lessons of urbanism is to observe a space and its dynamics. There are different ways to do so, but riding a bike gives the opportunity to experience cycling (and non-) infrastructure from an interactive perspective.
Being a courier allows you to observe critical points and potentials on a daily bases, on a diffuse spectrum. I’ve always thought that messengers should play an active role in the design of new cycling routes, implementing accessibility through sharing knowledge and I’m happy that different projects in this direction are taking place in Milan right now.

Another great resource I found fundamental during the years was participating to the different messenger championships, taking it as an opportunity to study cities and noting best practices around the world.
Working in Copenhagen at By-Expressen for the past two years has been a huge step on this path…”

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eBay Find of the Month #2: Early 2000s “Rasta” Original Cork Ribbon Bar Tape

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This month, in our feature dedicated to rare, unusual, neglected or just plain beautiful pieces of Cinelli history that we have found for sale on the internet over the last month we have chosen to highlight an early 2000s Original Cork Ribbon Bar Tape in “Rasta” colours, originally issued as part of a “countries of the world” pack series including the legendary stars and stripes screenprinted tape…




Why did we chose this bar tape for our eBay Find of the Month?

Because we’ve always loved the colour and were sad when it went out of production (it looks amazing on glossy black bikes with minimal graphics), because we miss the days when everybody wanted to put the craziest possible bar tape on their bikes (see our Zebra tape, still in production, or the 7-colour splash tapes made famous by Chiapucci and others) and because the perfectly intact packaging is itself something of a work of art! 




This little piece of Cinelli and Italian bike history is available to purchase on ebay from the account of local North Italian collector Gabriele Tocchio who, in his own words, explains, simply “I only sell what I like”.

Whilst those interested in Cinelli’s latest Made in Italy bartape can discover more and purchase the tape inspired by the material innovation of competitive windsurfing HERE.