Team Colpack

2019 sees the return of Cinelli to the Grande Ciclismo, and in great style, directly in the Continental world, with Team Colpack Ballan.

Antonio Colombo, President of Cinelli, emphatically reveals his enthusiasm:
“We have taken up the challenge of road racing with the most dynamic among the amateur teams, Team Colpack Ballan, which confirms itself as a fertile breeding ground of professional cycling and which just this year makes the leap and receives a Continental license, entering a more demanding international calendar of preclara ambition that will require the athletes and the organization a further effort. This same challenge awaits Cinelli. And since the racing bikes have to race, here we are with our Superstar”.
Cinelli Superstar, UCI approved, is an advanced high modulus carbon machine where form and content blend in the most optimal way: the edgeless design takes full advantage of the continuity of the carbon sheet fibers, defining the overall stiffness of the structure for the best power transmission and ensuring OCR (Optimal Cable Routing) the best cable routing for maximum control efficiency. The peculiar cusp on the horizontal provides, by controlling them (GCD; Geometry Controlled Deformation), any deformation resulting from imperfections in the road surface, ensuring perfect grip and driveability; together with the special straight sheath fork borrowed from Cinelli’s experience in the fixed shot, Columbus Futura Caliper – 1/8″ and 1-1/2“.

The coloring, glitter blue team ltd, is a tribute to the limelight of the velodrome, to the world of the track that has so many similarities and points of contact with the house of Milan. The integrated carbon handlebar, RAM3 Mike Giant, once again combines innovation and power with design and art, in what can rightly be called the Cinelli style.

Team Colpack Ballan needs no introduction, given the continuity of successes and the universally recognized work of President Beppe Colleoni, who ranks among his Team Manager Antonio Bevilacqua, Sports Directors Gianluca Valoti, Ivan Quaranta, Flavio Miozzo, Beppe Dileo and Athletes Manager Rossella Dileo.