Cinelli Team

Born in 2014, Cinelli  Team reunites riders from all over the world and makes them race the most prestigious fixed gear criteriums all over Europe, USA and Asia. The team is currently Red Hook Crit World Champion, the highest achievement possible in fixed gear racing.

In 2017 Davide Viganò won became the Red Hook Crit World Champion.

In 2019 the Team decided to look for different adventures going beyond fixed gear racing and experimenting gravel, road race, adventure, and many different disciplines maintaining always the same attitude.

In 2019 Martina Biolo became FCI Italian Fixed Gear Champion and Regional Fixed Gear Champion (Lombardy).

Tam Cinelli Smith has 6 riders: Virginia Cancellieri, Laura Cosentino, Paolo Bravini, Alessandro Bruzza, Davide Cappelletti and Gianni Bonaldo.