Ram Ram Ram. Never two without three. The shapes of the Ram have been slightly modified and the result is an even more aggressive product, something between a Manta Ray and Formula One. The palm section on the tops of the handlebar has now been reduced by 6%, and the ergonomic zones on the underside of the section have been improved, obtaining the “Thumb Zone”, a surface recess for resting thumbs, useful both in emphasized (such as climbing) and relaxed phases of the ride. The cables routing is wide, fluid and flowing, their output is integrated into an advanced position at the start of the cyclo-computer holder bridge (Manta Deck) significantly improving braking and shifting
performance. The shape of the drops follows a particular parabolic curve that ensures a constant grab, never too deep (Parabolic Progressive Action). The unidirectional carbon fiber has an optimal oriented stratification, able to keep the weight of the Ram 3 in only 410 grams (size 42-120).


materiale / material
T700/High Modulus Carbon fibre
Larghezza (c/c) / Width (c/c)
40/100 - 40/110- 42/110 - 42/120 - 42/130 - 44/130
diametro innesto forcella / fork clamp diameter
Ø 28,6 mm (1” 1/8)
peso / weight
410g (42/120)
finitura / finishing
Clear Coated Carbon Fiber
passaggio cavi / cable routing
drop (c/c)
126,5 mm
reach (c/c)
71,5 mm
angolo attacco / stem angle