Turbolento Thinkbike

Turbolento epitomises the right balance between speed and taking it easy, between cycling and sight-seeing, sport and fun – a lifestyle oriented to psycho-physical well-being, positive thinking, respect for the environment and, of course, our beautiful Italian countryside. Initially known in 1993 as the Italian Cycling Club, then as Veloclub Turbolento ASD (1995), today it is known as a Società Sportiva Dilettantistica (SSD), a non-profit sports association.Turbolento is a small-large community sharing common values among which include appreciation for the Italian landscape and its beauty, kindness and respect for others, and a keen community spirit together with concern for the environment; in other words, the best that mankind has to offer. Their motto from the start has been the latin carpe diem, noctem quoque (sieze the day, as well as the night).