Ital Cycling Promotion

Ital Cycling is a tour operator dedicated to cycling  investing in tourism with a whole new project: Ride With the Champions, eight exclusive cycling academies with cycling stars Alessandro Ballan, Claudio Chiappucci, Ivan Quaranta and Valerio Agnoli. The four Champions will be exceptional coaches for an immersive week, dedicated to perfecting the technique, discovering the most famous and desired Italian roads for road cycling and dedicated to sharing the secrets of their exceptional feats. In addition to this project, Ital Cycling ensures top services for cyclists of all levels on MTB, road bikes, e-bikes and gravel bikes, with Italian destinations such as Monferrato, Lake Garda and the Amalfi Coast, but also exotic destinations such as Israel, with packages including high-level accommodatio,n as well as a cultural and eno-gastronomic offer.