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The best start

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Great start of the season on Saturday for Cinelli Pressure and for Team Colpack Ballan, that immediately scored with Davide Persico in the Coppa San Geo.
The rider from Bergamo started the new season as he had finished the last, winning (in 2020 in Castelletto Cervo).
Here are Persico’s words immediately after the race: “I feel so much satisfaction because we were all very much looking forward to this victory. I come from a good winter in which I have trained well, first in Spain in the meeting with the team Bardiani CSF Faizanè, and then with all the Colpack Ballan in Tortoreto Lido. I dedicate this success to my family, to Beppe Colleoni and to the fantastic teammates that today have worked at their best”.

Persico continued, “We were united and the teammates got me into position. In the final, a great pull of Boscaro with Gazzoli launched me for the sprint. I must say that all have behaved very well: Luca Rastelli, Gidas Umbri, Nicolas Gomez and Francesco Calì.”.

Antonio Bevilacqua, team manager, commented on the race: “Well, what can I say… The team was fantastic. We cared so much to the Coppa San Geo, especially our president Beppe Colleoni who was with us in the team car. This result is the result of great work and targeted programming. Thanks to all the staff”.

Cinelli Vintage is online!

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This is a message for all Cinelli fans: finally the website is online!
After Instagram and Facebook accounts, the journey to discover the history of Cinelli, from the exploits of the founder Cino to the most recent years, is enriched with new and interesting content.

First of all the History of Cinelli, starting from the life of Cino, athlete and entrepreneur, with many details and anecdotes, to get to the 80s and the Antonio Colombo art and design period.

To visually support the history, Cinelli Vintage offers a section dedicated to Catalogues from 1948 to 1986, all fully digitized and available for consultation.

With the launch of the site, we launch also a Historical Register, available for consulting and to which you can submit your Cinelli bicycle for publication.

The site is closed by the Store, which enlights the vintage collection on sale on

This and much more represents the Cinelli Vintage world, a project created to make available to all the Cinelli enthusiasts the kaleidoscopic experiences that have characterized the history of the brand.

To keep up to date with the latest news, check the website and follow the Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Happy Holidays – Dreaming of a better future

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Dear Friends,
2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most complex and difficult years that we had to face.
However, the affection of the #cinellifamily has pushed us to work even harder. And we thank you for that.
Above all, it made clear in our mind that, when all this will end and reuniting will be possible and safe, it will be even more exciting to ride togheter again.
So, in addition to wishing you a holiday season as peaceful as possible, we invite you to keep the faith in the future, that we can return to enjoy the happiness that only the bicycle can give, in complete safety.

Keep on (dreaming of) bikin’ in the free world!

Happy holidays,
Cinelli Team

A magic double!

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A great end of the season for the athletes of Team Colpack Ballan who,  in Ponsacco, Tuscany, almost got an incredible double victory yesterday. A first place with Michele Gazzoli, in the morning race, and a 2nd place for Antonio Tiberi, in the afternoon time trial.

Super happy the winner of the morning, Michele Gazzoli, said: “2 successes in 2 races (Sunday he won in Montecatini Terme) is a dream. I had been hoping for a long time to realize a double like this. Evidently, things have settled down and I have more confidence. Everything is different and I am happy”.

The construction of the sprint starts from afar: “The last 15 km we made the selection and thanks to my companions the group has thinned out. Then they flew me to the finish with Tiberi and Rastelli for the final launch. At 250 meters I started in progression and I won at the photo finish”.

The afternoon was focused on Antonio Tiberi who had been coming for a very intense week. The youngster has ridden an excellent time on the 33 km of the track.
Tiberi: “I felt good and the route had a lot of wind in the initial part. Everything went well, maybe I just started a bit slow. The secret of these team performances? We found a good balance and we work compactly for the goal”.

A team victory!

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Great team performance for Team Colpack Ballan at the Trofeo Del Rosso last Sunday, thanks to Michele Gazzoli, 1st on the finishing line, ahead of his teammate Luca Rastelli, 2nd at 17″, and Tommaso Rigatti, 4th.
A meaningful race, especially for Michele Gazzoli, who has been experiencing a troubled season. The sprinter from Brescia seemed to have lost the feeling with the highest step of the podium. Is the same rider who tells all his joy and sums up the race.

“It was a though race with a breakaway that characterized all the central part with an advantage that exceeded 3 minutes. Here we of Colpack Ballan entered into action with a rhythm that thinned the advantage and selected the group. Uphill we remained in 3, with Rastelli doing the pace, I started on the climb and arrived alone. Evidently it was one of those days when all the planets lined up, there was rain, which I love and everything went in the right direction. Thanks to all the teammates for their generosity”.

By his side, the second classified Rastelli comments: “An incredible effort. When Gazzoli started from the back we were left in 2, but our adversary made a mistake downhill and so I found myself alone in second position that I kept until the finish line for a breath”.

Winning Pressure!

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Great victory for Team Colpack Ballan yesterday. Antonio Tiberi arrived alone at the finish line of the International Trofeo città di San Vendemiano-Trofeo Industria e Commercio, a UCI European Tour 1.2MU class race.
Tiberi’s breakaway started with 15 km to go, at first together with Filippo Conca, and then alone. For the Roman rider, this is the third seasonal success after Imola and Tuscany. Behind him, at more than a minute, Kevin Colleoni, and Matteo Baseggio.

“It was a great joy – said Tiberi himself – arrived after a demanding race. I’d love to dedicate this victory to Mr. Beppe Colleoni who followed us in streaming.  I thank the whole team and the mechanic, Stefano Casiraghi, who worked until late to give me Cinelli’s new bike. It worked out perfectly”.
“I broke away with Conca, but he confessed he was not in great shape. I didn’t want to risk it and on the climb that follows Cà del Poggio I tried to escape. I succeeded briefly to make the void and arrive alone. Since last week I realized I’m in a super-fast shape”.

The Colpack Ballan rider expressed a regret: “Too bad that there is no World Championship, because of Covid, with this condition I feel that I could have done well. Now I hope to give Colpack Ballan more satisfactions”.

Tiberi raced and won with Pressure, the top of the Cinelli racing family.
Find out all the details here.

Swiss victory

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Excellent success of Giacomo Saligari in the chrono climb from Giubiasco to Carena in Switzerland last Sunday. The Energy Team rider conquered the victory among the juniores. The race saw the elite and the juniores racing together. The young Saligari (second overall) gave the Lombard team of Rocco Pisano the first achievement of 2020.

A weekend to remember!

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Great weekend for Team Colpack Ballan.
Silver and bronze Saturday for Andrea Piccolo and Antonio Tiberi at the Italian Chrono Championships U23 on their WYSIWYG.

On Sunday good success for the Team Colpack Ballan that gets a splendid 1st and 2nd place with Davide Boscaro and Giulio Masotto in the international test of Scratch (30 laps), on the track of Fiorenzuola d’Arda.

am Colpack Ballan has been under the spotlight even on Monday, at the Grande Trittico Lombardo, with Davide Baldaccini who, in a bunch of 5 riders, started a very long breakaway after just 10 km and got closed at 20 from the finish.
The rider from Bergamo won 2 flying goals, highlighting his endurance skills.


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Great third place last Saturday for Energy Team rider Alessandro Bona at the Individual Time Trial in Morimondo (PV) in the Juniores category.
Alessandro raced the Cinelli WYSIWYG chrono frame. Bravo!

Back in the street!

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The balance of the race weekend for the Team Colpack Ballan in Emilia Romagna consisted of a third-place with Davide Persico on Friday in Faenza, a 5th with Samuele Zoccarato on Saturday at Circuito dei Monti Coralli, and a 12th place on Sunday with Antonio Tiberi in Sant’Ermente (RN). Sunday Michele Gazzoli and Nicolas Gomez crashed, luckily without serious consequences.
A second roster took part in the Gp Kranj, in Slovenia, where Luca Rastelli got a top 20 finish in a high-level race with many pro riders.
Next Saturday the Team will race the Italian U23 Time Trial Championship in Cerbara di Città di Castello.