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On Sunday 16th May, Team Colpack Ballan obtained an exciting double win with Davide Boscaro, first, and Davide Persico, second, in the Trofeo Gp Sportivi Sestesi sprint.

“It’s been a great race for us, we gained the 15th victory of the season. – explained the Team Manager Antonio Bevilacqua – Everybody has raced well, stitching the breakaway. In the last 5 km, we took the lead of the race with authority. The boys have been fantastic and should be mentioned: Samuel Quaranta, Gidas Umbri, Francesco Della Lunga, Luca Rastelli“.

The season begins!

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An excellent start of the Tokyo Olympics season for triathlete Dmitry Polyanskiy, who took a solid second place at the Russian Duathlon Sprint Championships last weekend. An encouraging result, ahead of the first leg ITU World Triathlon Championship series in Yokohama (Japan) next weekend. Good luck!

Congrats Eleonora!

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Great result last Sunday in Ostend, in the Para-cycling World Cup.
In the road race, our Eleonora Mele, after the fourth place in the time trial, obtained a sparkling third place, a good omen for the next challenge, the World Championships in Portugal next month.
Well done Ele!

A great result!

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Third place for Team Colpack Ballan sprinter Davide Persico on Sunday in the Gran Premio Italian Cycling Team, near Verona.
The rider from Bergamo was preceded by Alessio Portello and by Gleb Syritsa.
The race was 136 km long, covered in 2h 49’43 at an average of 48.363.
Persico’s was a comeback sprint that saw the bearer of the team of patron Beppe Colleoni and Antonio Bevilacqua, ending the racewith a pinch of regret.

Fourth victory!

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VALENZA: 4th victory of the season for Team Colpack Ballan. The new success arrives thanks to Gidas Umbri, who outsprinted his opponents in the first edition of the Gran Premio Città di Valenza for Elite and Under 23.
It is the Lithuanian rider himself that tells all his emotions and the salient phases of the race, immediately after the finish line: “A success to taste like an ice-cream – tells the winner – I want to dedicate it to my family, to Beppe Colleoni and the entire Ballan family. Today I would have gladly paid the 400 euro fine for the red zone just to have my loved ones here on the finish line. A great satisfaction. This is my first success in the Under 23 category”.

The last kilometer was crucial: “Tarozzi, from the In Emilia Romagna Team, sprinted but I didn’t panic even though at one point he seemed to be making it. In the last 300 meters, I accelerated with conviction and managed to overtake him. Indeed, it was a very nervous sprint with two final curves and a straight stretch slightly uphill.”

Third win a row!

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On the weekend Team Colpack Ballan got the third victory in this season. On Sunday it was Nicolas Gomez‘s time to celebrate.

SIVELLA (TV): The Colombian won in a sprint the Gran Premio Primavera for amateurs, beating the couple Elia Menegale, Alessio Portello.
These are Gomez’s words, radiant after the finish line: “It has been a hard race since the beginning. I’m sorry for my teammate Filippo Baroncini who had a crash. All the guys were great. They sacrificed themselves for me. It was incredible to see guys who can win, making themselves available. In the final Davide Boscaro and Francesco Della Lunga guided me with mastery and for a long time, leaving me in the first positions. Basically, I just had to sprint!”.

The dedications: “I hope that today’s is only the first of a long series of successes. I thought about 2 of my dead friends Polvo and Andres, my family, my girlfriend, the president Beppe Colleoni and the Ballan family. I’ll be at the start of next Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s races where I hope to perform well again”.

A big wish for a speedy recovery to Michele Gazzoli, who suffered a big hematoma after a crash, but above all to Filippo Baroncini, who had his collarbone fractured after a crash. We look forward to seeing you soon in the saddle Filippo!

A great weekend!

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Last weekend has been a blast for Team Colpack Ballan, as they managed to get a win and a second place in the races in Cantagrillo (PT) and Fubine (AL).

CANTAGRILLO: First victory of the season, and in the Under 23 category, for Samuel Quaranta, who won the sprint at Trofeo Arcadia Calcestruzzi, in Tuscany.

Quaranta about the race: “We were in a 6 riders breakaway, and I managed to hold on and win the sprint. An opponent anticipated his move, but I was able to keep my advantage until the finish line. I still can’t believe it. I have to realize what I’ve done”.
Samuel Quaranta’s debut in the Under 23 category: “Last week I raced in Larciano with the profs, and I retired after 120 km”.
Samuel is the son of Ivan Quaranta, a sprinter who in his career achieved 6 successes at the Giro d’Italia, wearing the pink jersey one day.

FUBINE: Second place for Alessio Martinelli (Team Colpack Ballan) in the Monferrato region. The rider from Valtellina continues to improve his shape after the 4th place of last week.
“A hard race – explained Martinelli – on an undulating track and a tough final. A nervous test on narrow roads. It’s bad to lose like this, but I’m aware that I’m doing well and I’m getting ready to face the most challenging tests, of international level, of the month of April”.

The best start

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Great start of the season on Saturday for Cinelli Pressure and for Team Colpack Ballan, that immediately scored with Davide Persico in the Coppa San Geo.
The rider from Bergamo started the new season as he had finished the last, winning (in 2020 in Castelletto Cervo).
Here are Persico’s words immediately after the race: “I feel so much satisfaction because we were all very much looking forward to this victory. I come from a good winter in which I have trained well, first in Spain in the meeting with the team Bardiani CSF Faizanè, and then with all the Colpack Ballan in Tortoreto Lido. I dedicate this success to my family, to Beppe Colleoni and to the fantastic teammates that today have worked at their best”.

Persico continued, “We were united and the teammates got me into position. In the final, a great pull of Boscaro with Gazzoli launched me for the sprint. I must say that all have behaved very well: Luca Rastelli, Gidas Umbri, Nicolas Gomez and Francesco Calì.”.

Antonio Bevilacqua, team manager, commented on the race: “Well, what can I say… The team was fantastic. We cared so much to the Coppa San Geo, especially our president Beppe Colleoni who was with us in the team car. This result is the result of great work and targeted programming. Thanks to all the staff”.

Cinelli Vintage is online!

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This is a message for all Cinelli fans: finally the website is online!
After Instagram and Facebook accounts, the journey to discover the history of Cinelli, from the exploits of the founder Cino to the most recent years, is enriched with new and interesting content.

First of all the History of Cinelli, starting from the life of Cino, athlete and entrepreneur, with many details and anecdotes, to get to the 80s and the Antonio Colombo art and design period.

To visually support the history, Cinelli Vintage offers a section dedicated to Catalogues from 1948 to 1986, all fully digitized and available for consultation.

With the launch of the site, we launch also a Historical Register, available for consulting and to which you can submit your Cinelli bicycle for publication.

The site is closed by the Store, which enlights the vintage collection on sale on

This and much more represents the Cinelli Vintage world, a project created to make available to all the Cinelli enthusiasts the kaleidoscopic experiences that have characterized the history of the brand.

To keep up to date with the latest news, check the website and follow the Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Happy Holidays – Dreaming of a better future

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Dear Friends,
2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most complex and difficult years that we had to face.
However, the affection of the #cinellifamily has pushed us to work even harder. And we thank you for that.
Above all, it made clear in our mind that, when all this will end and reuniting will be possible and safe, it will be even more exciting to ride togheter again.
So, in addition to wishing you a holiday season as peaceful as possible, we invite you to keep the faith in the future, that we can return to enjoy the happiness that only the bicycle can give, in complete safety.

Keep on (dreaming of) bikin’ in the free world!

Happy holidays,
Cinelli Team