The second chapter of our season-long story, in collaboration with @ciclismofurioso, dedicated to following the adventures of four young athletes of team Colpack Ballan CSB, the most succesful development team in history of Italian cycling, as they chase their dream of becoming professional cyclists…


After years of sacrifices, the sporting future of the young athletes of Team Colpack Ballan CSB will be decided entirely within the space of the 24-36 months spent as a semi-professional U23 athlete in a bid to “turn pro”.


The ragazzi know it, the pressure can be great and handling it requires an intense training of emotions.

Modern cycling has a packed calendar: the season ends in November but by January/February training camps for the new season and the first official races have already begun… And it from this symbolic point that the story of our young athletes begins: the training camp. 

This year Team Colpack Ballan CSB’s destination is Calpe, South-East Spain.

February 1st to 15th. Two weeks to get to know their new equipment (including their Cinelli Team Edition Pressure), catch up with old friends and meet the new entries for the season.

During long daily training sessions (53 hours on the bike over the course of the camp) the boys try to find a kind of harmony with their bodies and intimacy with their bike… Usually mornings start with a long walk to reactivate the body, followed by breakfast and then 3-5 hours of riding: resistance training, climbing (total 22100 metres in 14 days!) but also specific sprint work.
Afternoons on the other hand are dedicated to recovery and the precious works of the team’s physiotherapists.
The B with a technical meeting where the team discusses together with the DS and coaches racing tactics and specific training focuses of the following days.

These two weeks are in fact not just a time for reawakening muscles and lungs but a fundamental moment during which to define a race calendar for the season, specific objectives, moments to peak etc.

For certain riders it will be their first year at the U23 level and the move will make itself felt while for others the seasons represents their last opportunity for realizing their dreams of becoming professionals… which brings us to the four athletes whose adventures we have chosen to follow this season.



Born 2002, Bergamo, Italy | Rider type: sprinter.

Objectives for 2023
Turn pro
Win a stage of the U23 Giro d’Italia
Win an international race (Ciruito del Porto, La Popolarissima, Youngster Coast Challenge)

Dream for 2023
Participation in Elite track world championships with national team


Born 2003, Iseo, Italy | Rider type: rouleur with strong sprint, time-trialist.

Objectives for 2023
Turn pro
Win a stage of the U23 Giro d’Italia
Be at the front of races all season
Again become competitive in time trials

Dream for 2023
Compete at the Road World Championships in Glasgow


Born 2001, Alzano Lombardo, Italy | Rider type: sprinter, also competitive on more demanding courses.

Objectives for 2023
Above all to turn pro
Circuito del Porto
Strong Belgian classics season and U23 Giro d’Italia

Dream for 2023
To wear the pink jersey at the U23 Giro d’Italia


Born 2003, Madrid, Spain | Rider type: rouleur with strong sprint.

Objectives for 2023
Win an international race
Maintain a high performance level across the season
Race a good U23 Giro d’Italia

Dream for 2023
To turn pro




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