With the beginning of the 2023 season, Cinelli inaugurates its 5th season of sponsorship of the Italian continental team Colpack Ballan CSV.

To celebrate this milestone and the launch of our new team edition of the Cinelli Pressure we asked @ciclismofurioso to spend some time with the team and, over the course of the season, tell the story of it’s unique role and history in the development of professional cyclists.

In particular @ciclismofurioso will follow the adventures of four cyclists from the team as they chase their dream of “turning pro”. 


“Dad, when I grow up I want to be a cyclist!”


Not exactly the classic phrase you’d expect from a child.

But there are some areas of the world where things are a little different, where cycling is imprinted in the DNA, is culture, and where an apparently simple object like a bicycle really can inspire a child’s professional dreams.

One of these areas blessed by the gods of cycling is undoubtedly Bergamo.
Here, you breathe a passion for cycling handed down from generation to generation, where young riders approach the sport by imitating the champions who trained on these very roads.

We are talking about athletes of the calibre of Felice Gimondi, Ivan Gotti, Paolo Savoldelli (7 Giro d’Italia as a whole), in short: “Serious stuff”!

And it’s no coincidence that right here in Bergamo that Team Colpack Ballan CSV, one of the most important and winning Continental Teams in the world has its home.
Team Colpack is, in particular, unique in the history of cycling thanks to its role in transforming young riders into professional cyclists.

In recent years it has launched dozens of champions such as Fausto Masnada, Giulio Ciccone, Simone Consonni, Filippo Baroncini, Juan Ayuso and Filippo Ganna into the World Tour… 

But the history of the team begins in the early 90s from the huge passion of Rossella Dileo and Antonio Bevilacqua who, understanding the importance of the U23 development team, launched champions of absolute value such as Paolo Savoldelli and Ivan Quaranta under the banners of Team Gatorade and Polti.

In this 30 year journey the project has continuously evolved but what remains a constant, at the very heart of the Bevilacqua and Dileo’s approach is the quality and intimacy of the relationships developed with young riders: meals together, family feeling, ability to talk and share emotions together.
This is the cornerstone of the added value the team offers relative to its competitors and the secret to its success.
Colpack is not only a Team but a real family.

Over the coming months and season we will follow four young members of the team – Samuel Quaranta, Davide Persico, Ruben Sanchez Estevez, Alessandro Romele – as they pursue the same dream many have successfully pursued under the tutelage of Team Colpack: the dream of becoming a professional cyclist!

All four will, of course, pursue their dream aboard the new Cinelli Pressure 2023 ‘Team Edition’, hand painted in Italy with an artisanal process that produces a 4% weight reduction compared to a traditional paint job and above all makes each bike a unique piece of art. 





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