Cinelli Vintage is online!

By 28 January 2021 No Comments

This is a message for all Cinelli fans: finally the website is online!
After Instagram and Facebook accounts, the journey to discover the history of Cinelli, from the exploits of the founder Cino to the most recent years, is enriched with new and interesting content.

First of all the History of Cinelli, starting from the life of Cino, athlete and entrepreneur, with many details and anecdotes, to get to the 80s and the Antonio Colombo art and design period.

To visually support the history, Cinelli Vintage offers a section dedicated to Catalogues from 1948 to 1986, all fully digitized and available for consultation.

With the launch of the site, we launch also a Historical Register, available for consulting and to which you can submit your Cinelli bicycle for publication.

The site is closed by the Store, which enlights the vintage collection on sale on

This and much more represents the Cinelli Vintage world, a project created to make available to all the Cinelli enthusiasts the kaleidoscopic experiences that have characterized the history of the brand.

To keep up to date with the latest news, check the website and follow the Instagram and Facebook accounts!