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Another great victory for the Team Colpack last Saturday, this time with Andrea Toniatti who with a finisseur stroke won the 66th Trofeo Matteotti at the finish line in Marcialla di Barberino Val d’Elsa (Florence).
Race very hard-fought from the beginning with various groups coming off. Then the most interesting action is promoted by the British Colpack’s rider Paul Double, which all starts only 50 kilometers from the finish line and remains ahead for about thirty kilometers. Once the English attempt was canceled, about 25 kilometers from the end, a squad of seven riders formed, including Andrea Toniatti and Davide Botta. Great job of the latter in the service of the teammate. On the last climb, 10 km from the finish line, the cards are re-shuffled, another group of seven riders is formed in front of the race, including Toniatti. The decisive action arrived at 3 kilometers from the end, stretches and goes straight to the finish line, making it impossible for all the opponents. Second place for the Russian  Anton Viturin and third Filippo Fiorelli.