Always on top

By 14 May 2019 No Comments

First victory of the season on Saturday for Alessandro Covi, a special and much sought-after success because he arrived on home roads, in Taino, in the Trofeo Corri per la Mamma and 9th Trofeo Giuseppe Giucolsi a.m. – 4th Coppa dei Laghi Trofeo Almar, Under 23 national race. The Team Colpack’s rider, before moving on to the pro team UAE Team Emirates next year, was so eager to win this long-chased race, and finally he did it with the motivation also of a special dedication. “I really wanted to win this, which is my home race and I want to dedicate it to my 104-year-old grandmother, who died a few weeks ago. Then I also dedicate it to our president Beppe Colleoni”, says Alessandro Covi.
The event was also valid as National Criterium and U23 Lombard regional university championship, the title was awarded to Davide Botta (Team Colpack) from Como, a student of Sports Science. Today, following the race, there was also a special fan for the Team Colpack, the owner of Cinelli Antonio Colombo who was able to enjoy the triumphant day.

The Team Colpack collects another important podium of international level with the Sicilian Paolo Baccio who ranked third in the Gran Premio Industrie del Marmo in Carrara, an international event for Under 23.