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Davide The Champ!

By 26 October 2017 No Comments

The 2017 Red Hook Crit series final chapter took place last Saturday October 14th at the historical Bovisa course in Milan.

Since the days before the race it’s clear that the hype was really high. Davide Viganò sits on the first position in the general standings, 13 points ahead the second. Winning the Series in Milan would be something very special.

His teammates all know what they have to do. The contenders are many, with many reasons to fight against Davide.

After a week of heavy training, finally comes the raceday. The Bovisa course, the last Red Hook track truly urban, welcomes all the fixed gear community with a super sunny day, creating electric yet positive vibes.

The course is very fast, and gaining 3 points for winning the qualifying heat can be more than useful in the end.

Filippo Fortin, second in the general standings, races his qualifying heat before Viganò and manages to get those points.

Now it’s Team Cinelli Chrome turn, and all the team closely looks after Davide, and makes him win the heat and cancel Fortin’s points gain.

The superpole runs smooth, except for the great 3rd time gained by a very shaped Ivan Ravaioli.

A 15.000 people crowd  makes the race start incredible. All eyes are on Viganò and Fortin, on their moves.

Form the first laps it comes clear that the two will study each other.

Fortin has to attack and Viganò to reply, supremely covered by his teammate Ivan Ravaioli.

Laps go by and in the front a 2 riders brackaway sets the first two positions.

At the last lap Fortin and Viganò are paired, but Davide lost some speed to overlap a rider and ends up the race few centimeters behind Fortin.

A 4th place that makes him the 2017 RED HOOK CRIT CHAMPION!

This is an amazing achievement, well deserved but the most competitive rider in the fixed gear peloton, whose intelligence, power and talent had been completely on another level all season long.

Many congratulations also to Ivan Ravaioli, a true and experienced rider, always reliable when the race counts.

Last but not least, a huge shout out to the Team sponsors, that made all this possible: Chrome Industries, Santini SMS, Smith Optics, Full Speed Ahead, DMT, Kryptonite, Astute, MVSMichelin, Hed, Deporvillage, Columbus e Wingedstore.

Two Cs one cause!

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