Season Is Over

By 19 October 2016 No Comments

Saturday October 1st was the Red Hook Crit Milano day. Bovisa is the last truly urban course, perfect for a proper Finale. It brings you back to the fixed gear roots, racing between walls, poles and manholes. Red Hook is going professional and impersonal, but in Milan there still a visceral vibe. People can feel it, and that’s why there were 10.000 enthusiasts watching probably the best race ever.
Team Cinelli Chome got to this appointment with all eyes on them. The males are quite nervous, it’s all or nothing. Qualifying groups are good, Ravaioli starts the final in 2nd place, Petrache in 5th. Unfortunately Bruzza doesn’t make it to final race, due to an accident (without consequences). Strategy for the race is clear and simple: make as many points as they can. Ravaioli and Petrache start super fast burning the Prime Lap. They sit in the front and, with other Italian teams, try to control the main competitors. The great miracle doesn’t happen, but still Team Cinelli Chrome gets an amazing 2nd overall place, and proves once again that they are the Red Hook Crit world reference team, on and off the bike.
Great performance also for Team Cinelli Chrome women. They all qualify in the first 15 positions, with the great Paola Panzeri’s 3rd posizion. During the race Jo Celso and the absolute first timer Martina Alzini fight for first positions, leading the chasing group. Martina end up 4th showing a huge talent, Jo gets a solid 9th place.
This brilliant season is almost over, now it’s time to rest and prepare for next year.
Thanks to all the fans we kept pushing the Team at every race.
A huge shout out to Team sponsors, without their endless passion and their commitment none of this would have been possible: Chrome Industries, Santini,Giro, Knog, Hed, Selle San Marco, Rotor, Vittoria, Columbus and Wingedstore.

Team Cinelli Chrome will be back next season stronger than ever!

Two Cs one cause!