Team Cinelli

After the merge that saw the tuscan Fracor’s team and ligurian VVF team, both managers ( Francesco Ghiare and Roberto Portunato leading this new cycling project ) confirm a new significant agreement has been signed with the glorious Cinelli bike brand.

Francesco Ghiare: “we are very happy to start this venture with such amazing brand, that has been always an ispirational company in the bike business. Mr Antonio Colombo has been always a visionary entrepreneur, and finally we will have the privilege to ride the new Cinelli disc bikes”

Roberto Portunato: The partnership with Fracor International and Cinelli, represents an important step for us, and it will bring to us new incentives and better plans for the future.

Antonio Colombo: “I was born inside competitive cycling. From 1972 ( Merckx Hour Record) until a couple of years ago  I’ve been supporting the best World Tour teams both with Columbus and Cinelli. Today I can say we’re back, full of pride, confidence and passion, thanks to the immediate understanding with these young managers and athletes. We’re sure that the Grande Ciclismo (motto I invented in 1972) will greet us again with our same enthusiasm”.

About Fracor International: Fracor International is one of the oldest cycling teams in Italy.  It has been founded in 1956. Rider as Petito Giuseppe and Roberto, together with Stefano Colage’, Franco Chioccioli, Cipollini Cesare and more other have started their career in this ancient cycling team.

About VvF: The Velo Val Fontanabuona team, was founded in 2008 by the Fire Brigade ofGenova. Initially with senior amateurs, then in 2013 tehy decide to go with new projects, and support young riders with  new Elite Under-23 team.

Athletes such Jamie Burrow and Enrico Saccomanni for the road, and Manuel Todaro for the cross segment have been the growing stars for the VvF.

The partnership with Fracor International, represents an important step for us, ( says Roberto Portunato ) and it will bring to us new incentives and better plans for the future.

About Cinelli: The team will ride the Cinelli Superstar Disc, Cinelli’s cutting-edge carbon fiber re-interpretation of the mythical Italian stage-racing bicycle. Unlike other brands who each year offer bicycles with ever increasingly narrow scope of use, Cinelli, when developing the Superstar, was obsessed over the way in which the inherent qualities of carbon fiber and its manufacturing processes could be employed to produce an aggressively contemporary version of the legendary versatility of the Italian Grand Tour ride quality, like the intelligent balance of low-weight and an aggressive handling over highly varied terrain and long-distance riding comfort.