TAPERED HEAD TUBE & COLUMBUS FEL FORK: The 1.5” tapered head tube with the Columbus monocoque Futura Caliper fork increases the reactivity of the frame and the handling of the bike.


INTEGRATED SEAT CLAMP: The new steel dropouts connect at the best the rear stays matching all the angles of different sizes, offering an ideal weld surface of the stays avoiding any stress concentration.



The Nemo TIG is Cinelli’s latest Made in Italy high-performance steel road frame. It looks and rides the way in which the legendary Supercorsa – the world’s longest running production steel frame – might have looked had it been designed for racing today rather than in the 1950s.

The first prototypes of this frame were born according to the specifications of a recently retired Italian professional rider working at Cinelli who, seduced by the Columbus tubing being manufactured on the factory floor attached to the Cinelli offices, demanded that Cinelli produce a pure racing steel frame that took full advantage of the latest advances in high tech steel tubing manufacturing.

Accordingly the Nemo has been designed for riders used to riding high-end carbon fiber racing frames, unwilling to sacrifice “race feeling”, but looking for something incomparably pleasurable to ride in the way only a steel frame can be. It employs custom-shaped Columbus Spirit triple-butted tubes (the seat stays, for example, are the identical shape of those found on the original 1981 Cinelli Laser road model), with a highly contemporary 44mm mega-oversized downtube, conical CNC’d head tube and Columbus’ latest Futura straight blade monocoque carbon fiber fork.

In the spirit of its older cousin, the Supercorsa, the Nemo is available not only made-to-measure, but also in 60 different colour options.






Colore / color
Purple Haze - Yellow Moon - Silver Bullet - Black Dog - Cherry Bomb
Taglie / sizes
XS (48) - S (51) - M (54) - L (56) - XL (59) - XXL (61) + Made to Measure (c.c)
serie Tubi / tube set
Filetto scatola movimento / BB threading
BSA 68mm (Press Fit 86,5 mm Custom)
Diametro reggisella / seatpost diameter
Ø 27,2 mm
Deragliatore Anteriore / ft. derailleur
Clamp-on Ø 31,8mm (included)
Passaggio cavi / cable routing
External Routing
Forcella / fork
COLUMBUS Futura Caliper 1-1/8” - 1-1/2” Monocoque
Peso telaio / frame weight
1850 g
Peso forcella / fork weight
350 g
Serie sterzo / headset
IS 42/28,6 | IS 52/40 (included)
Passaggio ruota / Tire clearance
up to 700x28
Standard freni / brakes standard
F&R Short-reach Caliper (not included)
Interasse mozzi/Hub spacing
QR 130mm R - QR 100mm F


Head Tube110120145160185210
St. Ov.735760782799823845

“So I came back to the Cinelli offices the next day and told them we MUST make a steel frame for people like me, who have no idea where steel tubing technology has arrived today. From there we began working on the first Nemo…”

Paolo Bailetti, professional cyclist 2005-2011, on trying an oversized Cinelli steel frame for the first time

The Nemo’s custom-drawn Columbus Omnicrom Spirit HSS tubeset represents a carefully studied mix of shapes, from the 44mm downtube to the up-tuned 30 x 16mm chainstays to the subtle historical reference of the seatstays, drawn with the same shape of the Columbus Air seatstays used on the original Cinelli Laser in 1981.

“After many years of riding carbon I’ve returned to steel. Why? Because steel is in Cinelli’s DNA and with the Nemo it has successfully interpreted the latest steel technology to produce a frame that is extremely lightweight and filled with design details”

Antonio Colombo, President

Columbus’ head of production, with the company since 1979, explains how Columbus’ recent metallurgic innovation has revolutionized his own working methods and final characteristics of the tube.